3 – 5 years of age

  • A toddler doing some preschool activitiesThe Creative Curriculum allows children to experience and learn at their own pace without pressure or stress to do tasks that may be too difficult.
  • Choices are given throughout the day and address the major areas of child development; social and emotional, fine and gross motor skills, cognitive skills, and language.
  • Music and movement are incorporated into our weekly themes each day as well as math, science and story time.
  • Children are playing and working to learn language, social skills, pre-math, and pre-reading concepts. Throughout all of our daily activities we concentrate on self-help skills to foster independence.
  • Part-time preschool program beginning at age 3 from 6am to 3pm.
  • We offer a Christian Curriculum each week, along with Christian activities daily.
  • Research backed play based curriculum and kindergarten readiness for children 3- 5 years old.

Preschool 3

This class is for children 36-49 months. The ratio is 1 teacher to every 12 children. This program continues to build upon the skills learned in the Two year old room. A structured schedule is followed to enhance optimal learning conditions for this age group. Children are busy playing and learning language, social skills, pre-math, and pre-reading concepts. Throughout all of the daily activities, a concentration is placed on self help skills and fostering independence.

Preschool 4

Pre-4 is our program for four and five year olds, with a ratio of 1 teacher to 16 children. The focus in the 4 year old program is Kindergarten readiness. Teachers will build on established routines and knowledge to make sure children are prepared to begin school when leaving the program. Activities are presented to foster logical thinking, reasoning, problem solving, and decision making.

We also offer a state funded SC First Steps 4K program. If your child receives medicaid, they are eligible to apply for this program.

We offer full day preschool any hours between 6am-6:30pm and half day preschool from 6am – 3pm.

Every child is full of potential… The Learning Station makes it shine through!