Infant, Toddler and Twos Full Day Care

6 weeks – 2 years of age

A baby playingWe strive to make our infant and toddler rooms loving and nurturing. We work hand in hand with the SC Program for Infant and Toddler Care and have one of the highest rated programs in the county. The program boasts two teacher-mentors and hours upon hours of training in infant and toddler best practices. We are fortunate to have:

  • Five infant, toddler & two’s classrooms available to allow children to be placed according to their growth and development; each classroom designed with their needs in mind.
  • Our staff strives to give each child individual attention and interact with them at each child’s level.
  • We have a separate playground for our infants and toddlers to assure safety and outdoor time.
  • As children are exploring new sights, sounds and textures of the world; we insure that our environment meets their needs.
  • We provide lots of exposure to language, music and sensory stimulation which is critical in the first few years of life.
  • We offer a loving Christian environment.
  • Loving and individualized care in a nurturing environment for children 6 weeks-2 years old.

Infants (6 weeks – 12 months)

A baby feeling comfortable on our childcare servicesOur Infant room provides child care for children until 6 months of age. The teacher child ratio is 1:5. We focus on providing comforting and nurturing environments with a routine that strives to closely match that of the home. We offer shoeless classrooms and a variety of activities to stimulate gross motor development and sensory exploration.

Explorers (12-18 months)

Two babies enjoying our childcare infant programThe Explorer room at The Learning Station is a unique transitional classroom that offers the comforts of the infant room, but is set up to encourage gross motor play and emerging independence. Ratio is also 1:5. Children begin to transition to sitting at child-sized tables for meals and snacks, and are given ample opportunity for exploration. Learning centers are child-sized and toys are displayed at the child’s level for their choosing.

Discoverers (18-24 months)

Three babies enjoying our infant childcare activitiesConsisting of children 12 months – 24 months, the Discoverers program is designed to meet the ever changing needs of this rapidly developing age group. With a low teacher child ratio of 1:6, teachers continue to offer love and encouragement while supporting self help skills and early social emotional development. They role model appropriate peer interactions and help children establish a routine that will enable them to smoothly transition into the preschool program.

Adventurers (Young Twos)

A little boy feel relax on our preschool programsThis class paves the way for future preschool programs. Routines begin to take a definite form and children are mastering important skills that will enable them to be independent. This class consists of children 24-30 months, and the ratio is 1:8. There are a variety of age appropriate choices throughout the day to address major areas of child development including social and emotional, fine and gross motor skills, cognitive thinking, and language and literacy. We follow a daily schedule to establish a routine that offers consistency and security for both the child and the parent. Some of the daily activities include circle time, small group art activities, music and movement, sensory table play, group and individual story time as well as ample outdoor play. We also continue to work with the parent with potty training and building a consistent routine between home and school. We believe that great beginnings set the path for future learning and we strive to give the best start possible. From first finger paintings to first friends, we will guide them along the way. This program works hand in hand with parents to support any self-help efforts that are being made at home (i.e. potty training interests, self-feeding, etc.).