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Want a Better Night’s Sleep? Read this!

A good night’s sleep is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, especially for young children. If you are a parent of a child under 5 years old, you know how important sleep is for mood stabilization and energy levels. … Continue reading

Making the Most of Messy Play

Children learn through their observations and hands on experiences in the world around them.  Like sponges, they take in everything! As you and I know, the world is not a sterile, everything in it’s place environment.  If we limit our … Continue reading

Talking to Baby

Talking to children and answering any questions they may throw at you is one of the fundamental ways in which they learn. Talking, however, isn’t just important once youngsters have already mastered basic language skills, but well before they have … Continue reading

Eating Out With Kids

A lot of people – particularly busy parents – enjoy dining out at a restaurant, but many parents can be decidedly nervous about going out to eat with their children because of how the children might behave during the meal. … Continue reading

The world of make-believe: Kids and imaginary friends

Imaginary playmates are common with young children—studies suggest that 65 percent of children age 7 and younger have had them. Parents sometimes wonder whether they’re a symptom of psychological problems, though. Shouldn’t a well-adjusted child be interacting with real people … Continue reading

Child Discipline – What You Need To Know

Some people believe that child discipline is what happens when parents get angry at their child’s behavior. The truth is that discipline is not about punishment or anger; it is about teaching your child and helping him or her to … Continue reading